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You want to engage with more clients online, to build trust and share your expertise, but you simply do not have enough time?


Let me help, by crafting the perfect content for you.

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You’ve done the hard work – let me showcase your talents, so you can get on with the job.

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What can you do for me?

I write intelligent and engaging blogs, email newsletters, web copy, opt-ins, show-notes, case studies and white papers, so you don't have to.

Life is busy.


So many demands are placed on us that it is difficult to keep on top of things.


And let’s face it, the global pandemic hasn’t helped much.


In fact, an increasing number of businesses have moved into the online space, as a result of Covid-19 restrictions, meaning digital marketing has become more important than ever.


And businesses are investing in online marketing more and more.


In 2019, 65% of B2B (business to business) marketers had a documented marketing strategy, by 2020 this had risen to 70% actively using content marketing, and in 2021 the figure is 82%.

The time it takes to write a blog has increased by 65% in the past seven years. In 2014, a blog post took 2 hours 24 minutes to write on average; this had increased to 3 hours 28 minutes in 2018 and to 3 hours 57 minutes in 2019.

The reason for this increase?


With ever growing competition in the online space, there has been a greater focus on quality over the years. And with 47% of buyers viewing three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep, it’s essential that your digital content stands out from the crowd.

Am I really missing out on much?

I once created a post and nothing much happened – are you sure about all of this digital marketing malarky? What’s the point if no one is engaging and my content isn’t converting?


I hear you.


For online content to be effective you need to:


  • Post regularly – so that you build a following and establish trust with your audience.

  • Ensure that it’s SEO optimised – so people can find you!

  • Write in a way that informs, entertains and guides – people are looking for what will help them.


The internet is a noisy place, with everything from breaking news to videos of cats doing their thing.


Being heard above all of this noise is not easy…


And this is where I come in.


I can handle all of your content requirements, so you can focus on your business and work-life balance (you mustn’t forget that!).

What do I need to do next?

Are you ready to be a friend to yourself? Let me relieve some of the pressure, by doing what I do best; creating content that converts.


I am a NCTJ-qualified journalist, who has written for publications such as the Tes, the Liverpool Echo, the Eastern Daily Press and Popsugar. I have published two books as well.


I am also an experienced content writer (sometimes referred to as copywriter – but there are subtle differences).


It’s safe to say, words are my thing.

So, if you need well-written and engaging blogs, email newsletters, web copy, opt-ins, show-notes, case studies or white papers click the button below, and let me help you stay focused on what you do best.