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A to Z of SEND


A to Z of SEND is Gemma's latest publication. If you do not already have a copy, fear not, just click here.


This is a hyperlinked and regularly updated list of resources, as referred to in the book.

A to Z of SEND is a practical dictionary of specialist terms and an essential tool for anyone who supports children and young people with additional needs, in any capacity.

Whether you are a parent/carer trying to navigate the minefield of jargon and acronyms, or you work with young people with special educational needs, A-Z of SEND will inform you of the pertinent key terms, conditions, specialists, external agencies and strategies to help you effectively support the most vulnerable young people.

Useful Resources



Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments (JCQ) 

ADHD Foundation


Dyslexic Fonts – Tes Article


Engagement Model – Guidance from the Standards and Testing Agency


Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity


Legal Advice or


Muscular Dystrophy (different types)


Maximising the Practice/Impact of Teaching Assistants




National Autistic Society


Neurodiversity (Atlantic article by Harvey Blume)


Reasonable Adjustments for Disabled Pupils (Equality Commission)


Rose Report (full title: Identifying and Teaching Children and Young People with Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulties - 2009)


SEND Code of Practice


Vocabulary Acquisition LARA


Working Memory (Gathercole and Alloway 2007 Paper)




Cowne et al (2015) The SENCO Handbook (Sixth Edition). Routledge: Abingdon

Webster et al (2015) Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants (Second Addition). Routledge: Abingdon

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