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Hello, I’m Gemma, a freelance health, beauty and wellbeing content writer


I am also a NCTJ qualified journalist and author. I have written for the Tes (Times Educational Supplement), the Liverpool Echo and Popsugar among other publications. I have also written two books.


At the University of Aberdeen, I was the news editor for the student newspaper, Gaudie. I had always dreamed of being a writer but in my early twenties I decided to get a sensible job and qualified as a geography teacher.


I taught geography for five years before becoming a special educational needs (SEN) teacher and then eventually a special educational needs coordinator (SENCO – schools love an acronym!).


I have always held an interest in health and this was nurtured during my time working in the special educational needs and disabilities (SEND – see what I mean?!) sector, where I worked alongside several health professionals.


It’s a cliché, but true: the greatest wealth is health.


While nothing can take the place of a qualified health professional’s diagnosis and treatment, there are steps we can all take to protect and support our health and wellbeing. This is why I have dedicated a lot of my time to researching and learning about this area.

How am I different to other content (sometimes called copy) writers?

I give your blogs, articles and web content a VOICE.


Having worked as a journalist and SEND teacher, I am highly aware of the importance of making content accessible to everyone.


Did you know that around 10 per cent of people experience dyslexia/literacy difficulties?


I write for everyone. My content informs, engages and entertains – and does not bore or confuse the reader.


I also understand the importance of thoroughly researched and accurately cited articles, from my time working as a research assistant at the University of Aberdeen.


My overarching goal is to help your business grow, through a comprehensive, inbound marketing strategy.

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The power of digital content for your business


Well-researched, well-written, consistent content builds trust with your clients and potential clients and establishes your authority.


The digital-space is where it is at and your content matters.


Great content writing is about informing, entertaining and engaging your audience. Your words should nurture a long-lasting relationship, ultimately converting into clicks, follows and sales.

What can I offer you?


I understand that creating high-performing content is an art AND a science.


Writing has always been a creative outlet for me. And while good writing is important, you don’t want a self-indulgent writer allowing their flowery prose and fancy words to get in the way of your message.


That’s why I have invested time learning about the psychology of persuasion and effective marketing practices.


My words inspire action – converting readers into a loyal customer-base.


I tailor all of my content to fit with your brand’s needs and voice and to connect with your audience.


I invest time getting to know you, your business and your ideal client profile, so you can rest assured that the content I create will be perfect for you and your business.

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My blog on superfoods features on the Linwoods website. Give it a read!


I have regularly contributed to the Tes since 2017. Here's a link to all my articles.

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I like nothing more than researching and writing about health, beauty and wellbeing. Check out my blog!

Where can I see examples of your writing?